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Health Professionals

Health Professionals




Information for health professionals and care providers



Please note our wardens DO NOT provide personal care and are only on duty from 8am – 12.30pm Monday to Friday.


Our residents live independently in their own homes. 


The NHS and Social Services must be aware that guests are not permitted to stay overnight.  Even family members.  A guest room is available.



  • Night Sitting

If a resident needs someone to sit with them overnight permission is granted only if the sitter is “prescribed” by the GP/nurse and is a health care professional.  Family members are not allowed to stay in the flat overnight unless required for hospital discharge purposes following an operation, in which case a maximum of two nights is allowed.


  • Hospital Discharge

A resident returning home outside the warden’s duty hours will not have anyone to receive them or to support them.  Rapid Response is likely to be required. See above for night-sitting.  Food and drink may not be in the resident’s home.


  • Our wardens

Our wardens work very limited hours and provide a good neighbour role only. No personal care is administered. Apart from weekday mornings, the warden is off duty,


  • Care Quality Commission

We are not registered with the CQC. 


  • End of Life

Residents requiring full time or nearly full-time nursing care must be fully supported and cared for 24-hours a day by qualified health professionals. Our wardens cannot provide any personal or nursing care. 


  • Medication

Wardens are not allowed to give or supervise medication.  If there is any doubt about the resident’s cognitive function, professional support must be provided at pill-taking times.


  • Risk of Falls

Wardens are not qualified to pick up residents who have fallen.  If the warden is aware of a fall the ambulance paramedics will be called.  If a fall occurs and the warden is unaware of it, the resident may not be found until the next weekday morning.




Please ring us if you have any questions 01884 251444


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