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Our Accommodation

Tiverton Almshouse Trust has 83 almshouses. Most are located on two warden-controlled sites within the town at: 

  • Greenway Gardens, King Street.

  • John Greenway Close, Gold Street.

We also have three flats within a property known as Slees on Angel Terrace.  Slees does not have a resident warden but our other two sites both have a warden each who lives on site and is on duty every weekday morning.  The warden visits each resident every day between Monday and Friday to ensure all is well.  Our wardens can be described as a “good neighbour” but they cannot provide any personal care.  Each warden is on duty from 8.00am to 12.30pm and at all other times each flat is linked by pull-cord to a 24hr emergency call centre where the telephonist receiving any call will have in front of them relevant information such as telephone numbers of next-of-kin.  The telephonist will also be able to call the warden, emergency services and our maintenance team.

We offer a variety of accommodation: studio flats, one-bedroom flats and two-bedroom flats.  The two main sites each have a community room, guest bedroom with en-suite, a laundry, and a chapel.  Many activities are organised by residents or the warden and most days something is planned from coffee mornings to fish-and-chips, knit-and-natter to whist.  Special occasions also warrant activities such as Christmas lunch, carol singing and teas, often organised by our wardens.  Whilst there is a strong community feeling on each site, there is no pressure to join in with community facilities if a resident would rather not.

Residents occupy their flats as beneficiaries of the Trust and pay a Maintenance Cost (rent).  The weekly Maintenance Cost varies depending on the type of accommodation offered but is between £80 - £100 per week.  In addition a weekly utility charge is made for heating, hot water and water supply.  As a result, residents only have to pay their own bills for electricity and council tax. Our rents are at, or below, Equivalent Fair Rent levels meaning that, for those residents eligible, Housing Benefit will pay or contribute to the rent.

Additional information of interest:

  • Our flats are unfurnished and residents are responsible for insuring their personal contents.

  • There is no car parking available.

  • Digital television is provided for but residents are responsible for their own contracts with any satellite provider.

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