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Who can apply?

  • Applicants must be over 60 years of age.

  • Applicants must live in Tiverton or the surrounding area (preferably for at least two years).*

  • Applicants must be in need of our accommodation. “Need” is usually financial but sometimes may also apply to other circumstances.

*In exceptional circumstances we may be able to offer accommodation to applicants who do not live in or around Tiverton.

How to apply:

Application forms for those who fulfil the above criteria can be downloaded from this website (see the relevant link in the left margin). For data security reasons completed forms should be posted back to us, they cannot be filled in online.  If there is any doubt about our criteria please do not hesitate to contact us in the office.

Once we receive a completed application form we will write to acknowledge receipt.  Each valid application is then considered by directors at a meeting held every six weeks, unless the application is urgent when a special meeting will be called.  All applicants will be invited to an informal meeting where two or three directors and staff will be present.  Applicants may bring a friend or relative with them to the meeting if they wish.

Allocating an almshouse:

We receive many applications especially for ground-floor flats.  Often we do not have any vacancies but when we do we are obliged to house people in greatest need first.  This means that some people will have a longer wait than others and that new applicants may sometimes be housed sooner than existing applicants.

Once a vacancy does occur we consider those applicants in greatest need and their suitability for the accommodation available.  Once a decision has been made to offer accommodation, the applicant is contacted and invited to visit.  It is then for the applicant to decide whether they wish to accept.

All offers are confirmed in writing and a Letter of Appointment is sent detailing the moving in date, the maintenance charge (rent) and utility charge.  The Letter of Appointment forms the basis of the terms of occupation between the resident and the Trust including house rules and further information.  It is important to note that residents are beneficiaries of the Trust and do not hold any legal interest in their accommodation.

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