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Our Directors

Tiverton Almshouse Trust is a registered charity and the registered company Tiverton Almshouse Trustee Ltd is its sole trustee of which there are eleven directors and eight staff (see separate page).


The directors are:

 Susan Herniman*+# (Chair)
 John Pulford*#  (Vice Chair)
 John Rendle*  
 Michael Biggin*#  
 Alison Maunder*+#  
 Brenda Stanley*+#  
 Jan Hutchinson+  

David Hamer#*

 Robert Cumes*#  
 Wallace Burke (appointed by Tiverton Town Council)
 Gerald Luxton (appointed by Tiverton Town Council)

The Board of Directors meets quarterly at the Trust’s offices and those on sub-committees meet regularly on a six-week basis.

* Property and Finance Sub-Committee
+ Pastoral Sub-Committee
# Policy Sub-Commmittee 


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